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27 March - 2 April movie schedule: Accra Mall | West Hills Mall


InsurgentWatch the trailer

119 mins | Adventure, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Beatrice Prior must confront her inner demons and continue her fight against a powerful alliance which threatens to tear her society apart with the help from others on her side.

Starring: Shailene Woodley, Ansel Elgort, Theo James
Directed by: Robert Schwentke
Showing Times: 1:50pm6:25pm9:15pm

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

The Second Best Exotic Marigold HotelWatch the trailer

122 mins | Comedy, Drama

As the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel has only a single remaining vacancy - posing a rooming predicament for two fresh arrivals - Sonny pursues his expansionist dream of opening a second hotel.

Starring: Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, Bill Nighy
Directed by: John Madden
Showing Times: 4:00pm6:50pm

Son of a Gun

Son of a GunWatch the trailer

108 mins | Action, Crime, Drama

JR busts out of prison with Brendan Lynch, Australia's most notorious criminal, and joins Lynch's gang for a GOLD heist that soon pits the two men against one another.

Starring: Ewan McGregor, Brendan Kerkvliet, Brenton Thwaites
Directed by: Julius Avery
Showing Times: 4:15pm9:10pm

Danny Collins

Danny CollinsWatch the trailer

106 mins | Genre: Comedy, Drama

An aging rock star decides to change his life when he discovers a 40-year old letter written to him by John Lennon

Starring: Al Pacino, Annette Bening, Jennifer Garner
Directed by: Dan Fogelman
Showing Times: 6:30pm9:40pm


CinderellaWatch the trailer

112 mins | Adventure, Drama, Family

When her father unexpectedly passes away, young Ella finds herself at the mercy of her cruel stepmother and her daughters. Never one to give up hope, Ella's fortunes begin to change after meeting a dashing stranger.

Starring: Lily James, Cate Blanchett, Richard Madden
Directed by: Kenneth Branagh
Showing Times: 11:10am2:10pm


ChappieWatch the trailer

112 mins | Action, Sci-fi, Thriller

In the near future, crime is patrolled by an oppressive mechanized police force. When one police droid, Chappie, is stolen and given new programming, he becomes the first robot with the ability to think and feel for himself.

Starring: Sharlto Copley, Dev Patel, Hugh Jackman
Directed by: Neill Blomkamp
Showing Times: 11:00am


TracersWatch the trailer

133 mins | Action

Wanted by the Chinese mafia, a new York City bike messenger escapes into the world of parkour after meeting a beautiful stranger.

Starring: Marie Avgeropoulos, Taylor Lautner, Rafi Gavron
Directed by: Daniel Benmayor
Showing Times: 12:00pm


BlackhatWatch the trailer

133 mins | Action, Crime, Drama

A furloughed convict and his American and Chinese partners hunt a high-level cybercrime network from Chicago to Los Angeles to Hong Kong to Jakarta.

Starring: Chris Hemsworth, Viola Davis, Wei Tang
Directed by: Michael Mann
Showing Times: 2:10pm4:50pm

True Lies

True Lies

120 mins | Drama

It is a story about Rosy, a gorgeous and elegant lady who is married to a millionaire Bill Acheampong. All seems picture perfect but within their marriage is heading for the rocks. Destiny however provides a salvage when bill loses his memory and Rosy is set off a plan to make things right again.

Starring: Jackie Appiah, Christabel Ekeh, Emmanuel Ikubese, Jose Tolbert
Directed by: Pascal Amanfo
Showing Times: 2:00pm7:10pm


FocusWatch the trailer

104 mins | Comedy, Crime, Drama

In the midst of veteran con man Nicky's latest scheme, a woman from his past - now an accomplished femme fatale - shows up and throws his plans for a loop.

Starring: Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Rodrigo Santoro
Directed by: Glenn Ficarra, John Requa
Showing Times: 2:50pm


AddictedWatch the trailer

106 mins | Drama, Thriller

A gallerist risks her family and flourishing career when she enters into an affair with a talented painter and slowly loses control of her life.

Starring: Sharon Leal, Boris Kodjoe, John Newberg
Directed by: Bille Woodruff
Showing Times: 4:50pm9:20pm

Kingsman: The Secret Service

Kingsman: The Secret ServiceWatch the trailer

129 mins | Action, Adventure, Comedy

A spy organization recruits an unrefined, but promising street kid into the agency's ultra-competitive training program just as a global threat emerges from a twisted tech genius.

Starring: Colin Firth, Taron Egerton, Samuel L. Jackson
Directed by: Matthew Vaughn
Showing Times: 4:30pm9:00pm

Jupiter Ascending

Jupiter AscendingWatch the trailer

127 mins | Action, Adventure, Fantasy

In a bright and colorful future, a young destitute caretaker gets targeted by a ruthless son of a powerful family that live on a planet in need of a new heir, so she travels with a genetically engineered warrior to the planet in order to stop his tyrant reign.

Starring: Channing Tatum, Mila Kunis, Eddie Redmayne
Directed by: Andy Wachowski, Lana Wachowski
Showing Times: 12:30pm


SelmaWatch the trailer

128 mins | Biography, Drama, History

A chronicle of Martin Luther King's campaign to secure equal voting rights via an epic march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama in 1965.

Starring: David Oyelowo, Carmen Ejogo, Tim Roth
Directed by: Ava DuVernay
Showing Times: 11:40am

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